Amazing Ideas on How to Wear Hermes Birkin in Green

The green Hermes Birkin is an ideal art of work. It presents luxury and serenity owing to its awesome design. It’s versatile in that it comes in different shades of green, from emerald green, olive green to kiwi. Here are a few ways on how to look fashionable with this luxurious tote.

The Hermes Birkin in Green & Ivory Satin Blouse with Black Leather Shorts

This gorgeous outfit has a rich outlook thanks to the ivory satin blouse. Its glossy surface makes the outfit look lustrous and girly. It renders a high-class status more so when combined with its leather counterpart. Their textures vary thereby creating taste and balance in the outfit. The black shorts present sophistication and elegance and go well with the silk top in terms of color. The green Hermes Birkin acts as an accent color and accessorizes the outfit with its alluring beauty.

The Hermes Birkin in Green & Pink Blouse with White Trousers

This stylish outfit begins with a baby pink net blouse with puffed sleeves. Its design outline makes the outfit look girly and casual. Pairing with the white trousers and the kiwi tote makes the two colors pop. The variety of textures and hues make the outfit eye-catchy.  The off-white hat and silver and gold jewelry serve as accessories. Also, they blend well with the flamboyant hardware of the Birkin. The kiwi Hermes Birkin finishes this look with class and glamor.

The Hermes Birkin in Green & Light Blue Striped Blouse with a White Long Skirt

This outfit uses a split analogous color scheme. Starting with the light blue striped top whose outline and design call for femininity and flair. It has a calming and soothing effect on the outfit. The white skirt is the perfect match for this outfit as it makes the two colors pop. Also, it matches the white loafers for balance. The crocodile Hermes Birkin in green complements the outfit in both color and texture. It also graces the outfit with a luxurious look thanks to its amazing design and gold hardware.