Terms of Use

These Terms of Use set out the terms for use by Customer through the communication device of Customer of maica.fashion provided by SUGOREN Inc

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) prior to using the Service.

By using the Service provided by the Company, Customer agrees to the content of these Terms of Use.

  1. Purpose

The Service is a service to distribute information in the form of columns, visuals, etc., content of feelings regarding love relationships between men and women.  The purpose of the Service is to provide reference for the daily relationship activities, etc., by distributing such information.

Customer must not use the Service for any purpose other than that set out in these Terms of Use.

  1. Individual Responsibility

Customer uses the Service at the responsibility of the Customer.  Customer bears full responsibility for all acts and results of Customer by use of the Service, and Company will not bear any liability at all.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

(1)       The copyright and other intellectual property rights and any other rights to the columns, visuals, etc., provided in the Service belong to the Company or third persons who have licensed use to the Company.

(2)       The Company does not grant to Customer any right to possess, use, etc., in any way the Service and the contents provided in the Service.

  1. Change/Cessation of Service

(1)       The Company may revise, add to, change, and/or cease the Service and these Terms of Use without warning.

(2)       In the case of an addition or change to these Terms of Use, such change or addition will be effective from the time it is displayed in these Terms of Use, and Customer will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use as modified at the time of use of the Service.

(3)       In the case of an addition or change to these Terms of Use, these Terms of Use as modified will be deemed to apply even to an action of Customer occurring prior to such change.

  1. Waiver of Liability

(1)       Company will not have any liability for compensation for any damage incurred by Customer from use of the Service.

(2)       Company will not have any liability for any damages arising as a result of inability to use the Service due to bad connection, error, blockage, etc., of the Service.

(3)       Company does not warrant the completeness, accuracy, appropriateness, usefulness, etc., of the information, content, etc., distributed in the Service.

  1. Prohibition of Transfer

Company only grants to Customer the right to view the contents provided in the Service and does not grant any other rights.  Customer cannot transfer or assign to a third person any rights or obligations relating to the Service.

  1. Prohibited Acts

Customer will not engage in the following acts:

  • Modify the information provided in the Service (including but not limited to reverse engineering, reverse compilation, reverse assemble, or other similar action);
  • Copy, adapt, publically transmit (including preparing transmittable format), distribute, transfer, grant, or make any other use exceeding personal copy use of the information in the Service;
  • Transmission or insertion of any toxic computer program, etc.,;
  • Use the Service in disguise of some other person, or otherwise transfer, sell, assign, or otherwise dispose and allow reuse of information in the service and/or access to the Service;
  • To damage or slander Company or a third person, or do an act that harms the reputation thereof, or stalk or otherwise demand a relationship or meeting;
  • Infringe on the business secrets, privacy, image rights, or intellectual property of Company or other person, or an act that potentially could cause infringement;
  • Act to solicit paid relationship or otherwise violate public morals, or acts to disclose or obtain immoral or child pornography materials or graphics;
  • Acts for the purpose of making a profit by use of the Service;
  • Acts for religious activities, political solicitations, or other acts similar thereto;
  • Acts which hinder the operation and/or use of the Service;
  • Acts in violation of law or with the potential to violate law, or any other acts that can be judged unsuitable for society.
  1. Restrictions of Use

(1)        Company may suspend provision or the Service or restrict its use temporarily without prior notice to Customer due to operational or technical issues.  Also, for the same reasons, delay in provision of Service may occur.

(2)        There may be cases where normal use of the Service is not possible due to the transmission environment, the environment of the terminal used by Customer, or other reason.

  1. Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

In the case where Customer is or belongs to any of the following, Customer cannot use the Service:

  • Organized crime group/organized crime group member;
  • Associated organized crime group member;
  • Organized crime group related entity;
  • Corporate racketeer or social action, etc., advocate;
  • Anything similar to the preceding (1) to (iv).
  1. Jurisdiction

In the case of any objection and/or dispute with Customer in regard to the Service and/or these Terms of Use, the parties will discuss the matter in good faith, and in the case where the matter cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court and/or the Tokyo Summary Court will have exclusive jurisdiction.

  1. Governing Law

The governing la of these Terms of Use will be the law of Japan.