Amazing Ideas on How to Wear Hermes Birkin in Green

The Hermes Birkin in Green & Gold Top with White Flowing Shorts and White Stilettos

This chic outfit begins with a gold top blouse. Its rich color adds a luxurious touch to the outfit, besides it matches the brown straw hat for harmony. The gold top is an artistic production with its unique texture and color, thus more attention would be drawn to it. The white flowing shorts make the outfit more feminine and classy. The white stilettos present the same effect on the outfit for a more balanced look. Lastly, the brand Hermes Birkin in green has a contrasting effect and makes the outfit even more lavish.

The Hermes Birkin in Green & Black Crop Top with Khaki Shorts and Black Fedora Hat

The outfit starts with a black crop top which adds elegance and bits of sophistication. Its outline makes the look girly. Pairing with the Khaki shorts makes this outfit perfect for a casual chic-weekend ensemble. The black fedora hat adorns the head and matches with the black crop top for a more harmonious look. The olive green Hermes Birkin graces the outfit with its alluring elements and provides calmness to the overall outfit with its serene calm color.

The Hermes Birkin in Green & White Sweat Top with Black Trousers and Black Boots

This gorgeous look begins with a white sweat top. Its pattern matches with the green Hermes Birkin and the black pants. The white color is neutral and this makes it easy to be paired with other colors, in this case, green and black. Having black boots for this outfit is ideal as they match with the black trousers and fit in this casual outfit. Lastly, the emerald green Birkin augments this gorgeous look with its beautiful elements.