Outfit Ideas & Fashion Tips: The Hermes Kelly Bag in Etoupe

The Hermes Kelly Bag in Etoupe & luxurious Denim Style with a Gold Jacket


The gorgeous, sparkling gold jacket maintains a sense of elegance with its minimal silhouette. The botanical flower print blouse worn underneath contributes colorful essence and femininity. Blue skinny jeans help keep the brilliance of the colorful and sparkling top pieces in check while linking them with the footwear, creating a superb sense of balance. The Etoupe Kelly gives a subdued elegance to all of the dazzling elements⁠—from the luxuriously styled hand accessories to the gorgeous feminine hairstyle⁠—consummating this beautiful styling reminiscent of a work of art.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Etoupe & Leather Jacket with Brown Trousers and Orange Bag Scarf


A flashy leather jacket maintains a sense of toughness and youth with its flashy elements. This is paired by an equally black top that blends with the colors of the jacket perfectly. A pair of brown trousers clash with the deep black of the jacket and top with its minimal and chic design. This is complemented by an Etoupe Hermes Kelly that matches the colors of the trousers and the shiny hardware and look of the jacket. An orange bag scarf finishes the look with a touch of color and style.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Etoupe & White Blazer with Brown Polo and Black Boots


Sassy and stylish elements adorn this outfit, starting off with a luxurious-looking blazer. The blazer features the premium white-and-gold color palette and exudes professionalism and high-class living. This is complemented by a light brown polo and matching trousers, which blend well with the gold flairs of the blazer. A Hermes Kelly adds to the glamour and luxury of the look due to its colorful and vibrant design, and a pair of high black boots complete the outfit with style and fierceness.