Outfit Ideas & Fashion Tips: Hermes Kelly Bag in Black

Hermes Kelly Bag in Black & Gray Blazer with Gray Skirt and Heels


A dark-gray blazer starts off this look by standing out with its unique design. With a lack of sleeves and a double-layered element to it, this blazer maintains a sense of high-class living. This is matched by a similarly gray skirt. The skirt is lighter in color than the blazer, yet still follows the professional theme of the outfit, which follows through all the way to the gray heels. A black Hermes Kelly bag completes the look by breaking from the grey themes, which allows it to pop out more than usual.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Black & Checkered Leather Coat with Brown Shirt and Trousers


A thick, large coat offers more than just warmth in this look. The coat is covered in a simple yet stunning checkered design that makes use of dull and noisy colors to give off a unique aesthetic. This is matched greatly by the brown shirt and matching trousers, which maintain bright colors that line very well with some of the brighter colors in the coat. And to match with the darker tones, a black Hermes Kelly bag adds that luxurious element to the look while standing out among the lighter elements of the outfit.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Black & Brown Coat with Ripped Denim Jeans


This beautiful clash of colors begins with a large brown coat. The rich brown color gives off a mature vibe, and its simple and minimal design exudes professionalism. This is met with a clashing pair of bright denim jeans, which give off an entirely different feel. The tattered design alludes to casual and laidback attitude, and its bright colors perfectly balance out the dark themes of the coat. A Hermes Kelly bag serves as the medium that bridges the two together, with its professional look yet charming and standout elements.