Outfit Ideas & Fashion Tips: Hermes Constance Bag

Hermes Constance Bag in Gold & White Sweater with Beige Trousers and Belt


The outfit starts off with a white, warm sweater that maintains a sense of modesty and beauty with its simple layout. A pair of pegged beige trousers add more warmth to the color palette while still contrasting with the sweater beautifully. The pair of black shoes contribute to brilliantly black accents in the outfit. Finally, a Hermes Constance bag matches the beige trousers thanks to its premium brown leather and dazzling accessories.

Hermes Constance Bag in Gold & Fur Jacket with Blue Denim Leggings and Black Boots

A cozy grey sweater provides a feeling of warmth during the cold winter days. The added fur contributes to a sense of luxury and chicness. A pair of navy blue denim leggings provide a slim design, contrasting the baggy and heavy aesthetic of the jacket. Black leather shoes add to the luxurious aspect of the look while giving off an air of fierceness. The Hermes Constance stands out thanks to the lack of similar colors in the outfit, as well as its standout design elements.

Hermes Constance Bag in Black & Black Coat with Black Trousers and Black Ponytail


Go for a stunning and serious look with this outfit, starting off with a striking black coat. The coat establishes a sense of professionalism and fierceness that is complemented by a pair of similarly black trousers. These trousers blend well with the entire look thanks to their simple design. A black Hermes Constance also fulfills the role of blending with the outfit, with only the golden accessories standing out. Finally, a black ponytail completes the monochrome theme and adds a little flair with its loose placement.