Outfit Ideas & Fashion Tips: Hermes Kelly Bag in Gold

Hermes Kelly Bag in Gold & Fashionable Rugged Jeans with Oversized Jacket


A look that oozes with attitude, Hermes bags look stunningly well when paired with a mixture of formal and casual dressing. The oversized jacket gives off a cool, calm vibe, especially when combined with a pair of sunglasses. On the other hand, the ripped, tight jeans provide a nice contrast that isn’t too daring thanks to the black innerwear and shoes. Finally, the Hermes Kelly Gold not only matches the color of the jacket, but it also compliments the semi-formal theme of the entire outfit.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Gold & White Coat and Slacks with Brown Shoe


Sometimes simple is best, and this all-white look is just that. With a beautiful snow-white coat as the centerpiece, it gives off a sense of purity and style at the same time. This is complemented by both the white inner blouse and the white pair of slacks that stick with the pure white theme. Breaking the consistency with style is the pair of heels and Kelly bag. The shoes provide a nice contrast from the white clothing. Meanwhile, the Hermes Kelly Bag matches the heels and stands out thanks to all that white.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Gold & Matching Brown Reefer Coat with Black Sneakers


This stunning look is a great way to go semi-formal. To start off with, the fabulous brown reefer coat covers your body in a style that doesn’t look plain at all. The Hermes Kelly Bag matches the reefer coat in color and adds to the “modern woman” aesthetic. To complement the color, black accessories provide a nice sense of contrast. The black cap and shades make you look mysterious and cool, while the black sneakers add a little touch of youth and playfulness to the entire outfit.