How to Wear The Hermes Birkin Bag in Rouge

The iconic Hermes Birkin in rouge is a renowned epitome of uniqueness and high-end fashion. Its quality and versatility can’t be surpassed. Thus, it’s important to know how to pair outfits with the rouge Hermes Birkin to add more flair with this gorgeous tote. Here are a few tips:

The Hermes Birkin Bag in Rouge & Dark Dress with Red Hermes Belt

A chevron-patterned dress is full of energy and action.  Adding a thin Hermes red belt to this straight dull-colored dress accentuates a woman’s silhouette. It also accessorizes this outfit and complements in terms of hue. The black flats harmonize with the dull-colored dress and the tote bag. While the rouge Hermes Birkin bag gives the outfit a vanquished elegance and a luxurious look, the silky Hermes Twilly adds an accent color to the Hermes Birkin bag. Lastly, the silver watch matches with the bag’s silver hardware.

The Hermes Birkin Bag in Rouge & Pale Turquoise Blouse with Pale Turquoise Trouser

This simple style starts with a paled turquoise organic patterned blouse whose design and outline brings out a feminine style. A pair of trousers of the same color amalgamates with the blouse’s background color.  The red pattern design on the blouse matches the rouge Hermes Birkin and makes the outfit more active as well as creating visual interest. This look is finished off with the luxurious tote which gives off a mix of modernity and elegance.

The Hermes Birkin Bag in Rouge & Red Leather Jacket With Black Dress and Red Hermes Belt

This outfit starts with a red leather jacket which gives a sense of toughness and competence despite its smooth texture. The texture of the leather jacket contrasts that of the Hermes Birkin ostrich bag. This creates an interesting visual unique. A black dress creates a contrasting effect and tones down the dominating flashy red color. While this may be true, the red Hermes belt accessorizes the outfit and matches with the rouge Hermes Birkin tote bag. The rouge Hermes Birkin ostrich bag finishes this simple outfit with a lavish look thanks to its vibrant design.