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Hermes Constance Bag in Black & Checkered Coat with Black and Gold Watch

This outfit makes use of a stunning full-length coat that covers the top half of the body. It features a beautiful checkered pattern that adds to its sense of formality and professionalism. A black Constance bag matches the colors of the coat and adds a deep, rich black to the palette thanks to its fashionable leather. A black watch completes the look by matching almost perfectly with the bag's color palette and design, finishing the look with a luxurious touch.

Hermes Constance Bag in Black & Black Coat with White Turtleneck Sweater and Blue Jeans

A warm, black coat covers the body in elegance and beauty, as well as a dash of mystery. This is complemented by a black Constance bag that not only exudes a feeling of professionalism and elegance but also that of luxury. A white turtleneck sweater provides the classic black-and-white contrast while sticking to the warm look of the coat. A pair of denim jeans provide the main element of casual appeal, and clashes with both the design and color of the look exceptionally well.

Hermes Constance Bag in Black & Black Coat with Black Trousers and Black Ponytail

Go for a stunning and serious look with this outfit, starting off with a striking black coat. The coat establishes a sense of professionalism and fierceness that is complemented by a pair of similarly black trousers. These trousers blend well with the entire look thanks to their simple design. A black Hermes Constance also fulfills the role of blending with the outfit, with only the golden accessories standing out. Finally, a black ponytail completes the monochrome theme and adds a little flair with its loose placement.

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