Outfit Ideas & Fashion Tips: Hermes Birkin Bag in Black

Hermes Birkin Bag in Black & Dark Blue Blazer with Beige Skirt and Dark Blue Sweater


A dark blue sweater establishes the look thanks to its vivid color and simple yet stunning design. A beige skirt offers equally minimalistic looks while contrasting the cool and dark theme of the sweater with its bright and warm hues. Matching the sweater, a similarly dark blue blazer covers the top half of the outfit with another layer of the color. Finally, a black Hermes Birkin bag stands out as it rests beside the vivid colors of the beige skirt, alongside its flashy hardware and design.

Hermes Birkin Bag in Black & White Sweater with Black Belt and Black Skirt


A white wool sweater serves as the centerpiece of the look thanks to its bright, standout color and a design that no other piece in the look shares. The black skirt just below the sweater, for example, contains no design whatsoever, yet still provides an air of femininity and professionalism. The black belt and heels also invoke a similar feeling, but with flashier designs. A black Birkin bag matches the belt’s black-and-gold color palette and completes the look with a chic finish.

Hermes Birkin Bag in Black with White Blouse and Black Leather Jacket


This look makes use of the classic black-and-white combination with an added twist. A loose, white blouse covers the entire upper half of the look with bright color and frilly design that alludes to femininity and grace. This is contrasted by a black jacket that resembles intensity, toughness, and gives off a more serious tone. The black Birkin bag matches more with the jacket than the blouse thanks to its similarly black color and professional design, with a custom bag handle that adds a touch of color.